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Corporate Governance


Committees play a key role in the board fulfilling its governance responsibilities for Concentra. We have four standing committees composed of directors with required levels of experience and knowledge to serve effectively. Committees are responsible to review, report, and provide direction and/or recommendations to the board on matters pertaining to their principle area of oversight.

Committees Chair
Risk CommitteeTim Smart
The role of the Risk Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for enterprise risk management. This role encompasses oversight to risk frameworks, risk identification, management and reporting, and strict adherence to risk appetite and policy.

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Audit and Conduct Review CommitteeGlen Dyrda
The Audit and Conduct Review Committee is responsible for supervising the quality and integrity of the company’s financial controls and effectiveness of the internal and external audit functions.

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Governance CommitteeEric Dillon
The Governance and Nominating Committee is responsible for developing the company’s corporate governance principles. The committee’s responsibilities include ensuring appropriate structure and composition of the board and the committees of the board, reviewing the competencies and skills of the board, its committees and potential candidates for membership on the board, and the nominations and elections process.

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Human Resources and Compensation CommitteeShelley Williams
The Human Resources and Compensation Committee provides oversight to the company’s overall compensation structures and incentive plan, compensation and performance management of the CEO and review compensation and succession planning for the Executive Leadership Team.

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