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SYSTEM RELEASE - Friday, April 12, 2019

Concentra Bank Announces Board of Directors

April 11, 2019 (Saskatoon, SK): Concentra Bank is pleased to announce its incoming Board of Directors, elected during the Annual Meeting of Shareholders on April 9, 2019. Voting results are as follows:

NomineeVotes For (Shares)% ForVotes Withheld (Shares)% Withheld
Don Coulter9,171,362.22899.9938%566.8070.0062%
Lise de Moissac9,171,362.22899.9938%566.8070.0062%
Eric Dillon9,167,987.37699.9570%3,941.6590.0430%
Glen Dyrda9,167,987.37699.9660%3,122.3750.0340%
Cheryl Fraser9,167,806.66099.9660%3,122.3750.0340%
Anne Gillespie9,169,209.23899.9703%2,719.7970.0297%
Daniel Johnson9,168,388.95499.9614%3,540.0810.0386%
Michael Leonard9,171,929.03599.9802%0.0000.0000%
David Losier9,170,116.83499.9802%1,812.2010.0198%
Carol Poulsen9,168,643.43199.9642%3,285.6040.0358%
Tim Smart9,168,240.85399.9598%3,688.1820.0402%
Shelley Williams9,169,209.23899.9703%2,719.7970.0297%


The Board held its reorganization meeting on April 9, 2019 following the Annual Meeting. Dan Johnson was elected to serve as Chair of the Board, and Lise de Moissac was elected to serve as Vice Chair, both terms will continue until the next Annual Meeting of Shareholders in spring, 2020.

The Board also approved the standing committee composition including Committee Chairs as follows: Risk (Tim Smart), Audit and Conduct Review (Glen Dyrda), Governance (Eric Dillon), and Human Resources and Compensation (Shelley Williams).

Shareholders also (unanimously) voted to appoint KPMG LLP as the external auditor for the 2019 fiscal year.