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Executive Leadership Team


We have a very strong leadership team at Concentra that is committed to credit union success. Inspired by opportunity and fueled by teamwork, we are building a company that supports credit unions as fierce, financially strong competitors within the financial services sector.

For 12 consecutive years Concentra has been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, retaining our status as a Platinum Club member.


Ken Kosolofski Ken Kosolofski, CPA, CA
President and Chief Executive Officer

Ken Kosolofski is President and Chief Executive Officer of Concentra. He was appointed in March 2010.

As CEO, Mr. Kosolofski brings expertise in business and financial strategies that drive revenue growth and value creation for Concentra. Under the leadership of Mr. Kosolofski, Concentra has achieved unprecedented corporate performance through sustainable profitable growth, market relevance, and sound and prudent business operations. With an uncompromised commitment to building relationships with credit unions across Canada, Mr. Kosolofski has led Concentra to become the leading wholesale and trust company for the credit union system.

Leading by example, his infectious enthusiasm, commitment and vision energize the Concentra team every day.

Brian Guillemin Brian Guillemin, MBA
Executive Vice-President, Corporate Services

Brian Guillemin joined Concentra in July 2013 as Executive Vice President, Business Technology and Chief Information Officer. In March 2015, he was appointed to lead Corporate Services.

Mr. Guillemin is responsible to provide leadership and oversight for a diverse group of business units providing the internal support expertise and services needed across the company. Corporate Services comprises the following units - People Strategy, Strategic Management, Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement, Business Technology and Enterprise Architect, Corporate Program Management, Distribution Services, and Facilities.

Dallas Marce Dallas Marce, BA, CFA
Executive Vice-President, Trust and Strategy

Dallas Marce joined Concentra in 2005. In April 2017, he was appointed Executive Vice-President of Trust and Strategy. Mr. Marce works collaboratively with the executive team to provide strategic direction, oversight and stewardship for Concentra Bank. In addition to this primary accountability for corporate leadership, Dallas is also responsible to lead corporate strategic planning, thus enabling Concentra to execute on strategic initiatives and realize long term strategic goals. Dallas has leadership accountability for the growth, diversification, and market penetration of Trust products and services to credit unions and members across Canada.

Ryan Graham Ryan Graham BA, CFA
Executive Vice-President, Wholesale Banking

Ryan Graham joined Concentra in October 2003. In April 2017, he was appointed Executive Vice-President to lead the wholesale finance division. Mr. Graham works collaboratively with the executive team to provide strategic direction, oversight and stewardship for Concentra. He’s accountable for developing and executing strategy to provide a full suite of wholesale banking products and services to the credit union system across Canada. He plays a key role in broadening the portfolio of wholesale services available to credit unions. He also leads the strategic integration of credit union system stakeholders involved in wholesale banking in order to provide better service to credit unions across Canada and improve the overall financial efficiency of the credit union system.

Anand Borawake Anand Borawake B.Eng, MBA
Executive Vice-President, Chief Risk Officer

Anand joined Concentra in April 2017. Mr. Borawake has over 23 years of experience in global banking and the financial services industry, with specific expertise in risk and capital management. He oversees overall risk strategies for Concentra ensuring sound governance and effective controls for enterprise risk management, compliance, corporate policy, credit adjudication and regulatory framework to meet our strategic and business objectives and enhance shareholder value. He provides strategic leadership in the creation of Concentra’s mission and vision that supports a prudent risk culture focused on growth, development and market relevance.

Paul Masterson Paul Masterson CPA, CA, MBA
Executive Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer

Paul Masterson joined Concentra in May of 2017. Mr. Masterson works collaboratively with the executive team to provide strategic direction, oversight and stewardship for Concentra Bank. He is a strategic financial advisor to the CEO and executive team and actively participates in the development, evaluation and execution of corporate strategic plans and business priorities. He plays a key role in ensuring that Concentra Bank has access to sufficient capital to achieve its long-term goals, and has primary leadership accountability for business insight and intelligence. Paul provides functional oversight for the following functional areas and their related strategies: Treasury, Governance and Legal, Corporate Analytics, Financial Reporting and Analysis.