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Executor EASE

Executor EASE is a flexible, affordable solution that assists executors to understand and conduct the duties and responsibilities of administering an estate. Our team works with estates of all sizes and can be retained at any time during the estate settlement process. The executor can select the services they require whether they need help preparing the probate application or more comprehensive assistance with all of their executor duties. Your executor will:

  • receive a one-on-one no cost, no obligation estate consultation with a trust specialist,
  • be offered appropriate solutions tailored to the estate,
  • select only the services required, nothing more, whether the estate is simple or complex, and
  • the estate pays only for the selected services, nothing more.

Concentra Trust can help when:

  • the executor doesn’t have the time, experience or expertise,
  • the executor lives out of province or out of the country,
  • the estate is extensive or complex,
  • there’s a potential for family conflict while the estate is being administered,
  • the family is complicated or the estate has many beneficiaries, or
  • there’s no Will!
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Questions about Executor EASE?

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Concentra Trust offers complimentary safekeeping for your clients’ Will,
trust indenture or power of attorney when named executor, trustee or attorney.